Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk

Calendar takes a special part in our life. Our life is incomplete without calendar. If you are looking for the best collection of February 2017 Calendar images, templates and pdf then you are at right place. From here you will get best collection of calendar pictures. You can download these pictures from here. Just have a look at our collection. Try to browse more pictures. So we have collected the best Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk, template, designs and wallpapers for free downloading.

Whether you need to see a whole year at a glance or plan your week in detail, simply choose one of the free Excel calendar templates below and get started. Here we are sharing the latest Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk designs, printables, and images for free downloading. We’ve included yearly, monthly and weekly calendar templates, some specifically for 2017 and others for any year. All of the calendar templates are for Microsoft Excel and are free to download. Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk templates are compatible with various versions of Excel, including Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk

Best Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk
Best Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk
Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk Printable
Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk Printable
Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk
Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk
Otrange Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk
Otrange Monthly Calendar 2017 Uk

List of national and regional Bank holidays of United Kingdom in 2017

SundayJanuary 01New Years DayFirst Monday if 1st is Saturday or Sunday
MondayJanuary 02Day after New Years DayScotland Only
MondayJanuary 02New Years Day (observed)Except Scotland
TuesdayJanuary 03New Year’s Day (in lieu)Scotland Only
TuesdayFebruary 28Pancake TuesdayShrove Tuesday. Not a Public Holiday
WednesdayMarch 01St Davids DayWales Only. Not a public holiday
FridayMarch 17St Patricks DayNorthern Ireland Only
SundayMarch 26Mothering SundayNot a National Holiday
FridayApril 14Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
MondayApril 17Easter MondayExcept Scotland
SundayApril 23St Georges DayEngland Only. Not a public holiday
MondayMay 01Early May Bank HolidayFirst Monday in May
MondayMay 29Spring Bank HolidayLast Monday in May
SundayJune 18Father’s Day3rd Sunday in June. Not a public holiday
WednesdayJuly 12Battle of the BoyneNorthern Ireland Only
MondayAugust 07August Bank HolidayScotland Only. First Monday in August
MondayAugust 28August Bank HolidayLast Monday in August (except Scotland)
SundayNovember 05Guy Fawkes NightEngland Only. Not a public holiday
SundayNovember 12Remembrance SundayNot a public holiday. Sunday closest to 11 November
ThursdayNovember 30St Andrews DayScotland Only. If November 30 falls on a weekend, the next Monday is a bank holiday instead
MondayDecember 25Christmas Day
TuesdayDecember 26Boxing Day

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